Havapoo Guide: Care, Training & Breeding Tips

Delving into the lineage of the Havapoo, we uncover its dual heritage. The Havanese, historically cherished in Cuban high society, brings a legacy of companionship and charisma. Complementing this is the Poodle’s legacy—originating in Germany as adept water retrievers—which imparts sharp intellect and a non-, hypoallergenic c http://miura-seikotsuin.com coat. It’s no wonder that the Havapoo breed advocates for a delightful combination of these esteemed qualities.


Physical Characteristics

Nestled within the Havapoo’s physique are the telltale signs of its parentage. Most commonly exhibiting the Poodle’s signature curly and dense coat or the Havanese’s silky touch, Havapoos personify a diverse range of appearances. This varied yet adorable breed typically stands up to 18 inches tall and weighs anywhere from 7 to 30 pounds—a wide range that caters to different preferences.

Characteristic Description
Height Up to 18 inches
Weight 7 to 30 pounds
Coat Type Curly and dense like a Poodle or silky like a Havanese
Color Variations White, black, , fawn, and beyond
Hypoallergenic Yes, thanks to the Poodle lineage

Temperament and Personality Traits



As for the Havapoo temperament, expect a cocktail of joyous playfulness and fervent eagerness to please, indicative of its wonderous personality. With their innate intelligence, adaptability, and generally affable nature, Havapoos make exemplary companions for many—from bustling families to individuals seeking a furry confidant. These traits position them not only as cherished pets but also as