How to create a personalized self-care plan

Do you sometimes feel like you never have enough time or energy to finish everything you have to do, much less find time to take a walk, prepare a healthy meal at home, or relax with a friend?

You know that when you find time to exercise, eat healthy, and do things that make you happy, you feel better and more alive.×90&!5&btvi=1&fsb=1&dtd=M

This is why taking time for self-care is so important because it can give you the energy you need to tackle everything that’s going on in your life.

One way to take better care of yourself is to have a good self-care plan. It’s through that structured plan that you’re going to be able to properly care for your wellbeing and pay attention to your physical, mental and emotional needs.

A plan will support you with eating nutritious foods, getting exercise and sleep, and carving out time for pleasure and for being with people you care about.

With a personal self card plan you’ll also be able to better cope with feelings of stress so that you’re able to handle whatever challenges come your way with resilience and flexibility.

Follow these steps to creating your own personalized Self-Care Plan”Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you’re ready or not, to put this plan into action.”

Napoleon Hill-1883-1970, Author of Think and Grow RichA good self-care plan reminds you of what you want to accomplish.  After all, you have values, goals, and a purpose in your life.  This plan reminds you about what you want to do to take care of you.  

Using a day planner or making notes to yourself can remind you of your goals and the things you need to do to take care of your body, mind, and spirit.

Your self-care plan gives you a solid foundation for what you want to do and how you can accomplish it.

A good self-care plan keeps you focused on your own personal well being.   Writing and posting inspirational quotes and affirmation are great reminders of what to do, and also give you inspiration and motivation on why you’re doing it!

In addition to inspirational quotes, you can hang motivating pictures throughout your home and office.  These pictures may be tranquil images of nature or a photo of your family to remind you of what’s important to you.

These quotes, affirmations, images and pictures serve to remind you of your journey towards living a vibrant healthy lifestyle.

Your self-care plan inspires you and reminds you of why you want to take care of your body, mind, and spirit.

Another aspect of your self-care plan is tracking your progress.  Let’s say you have a hard time getting motivated to exercise.  By keeping a log of your exercise time, you can keep yourself focused on achieving a healthier you.

A food journal is also a good way to track your food choices so you can remind yourself that you need to eat nutritious foods.  In addition, you can use a journal to record your mental and emotional health.

Write down what’s going on inside of you so you can evaluate your feelings and proactively take care of your mental health.

Your self-care plan tracks your progress to help you stay on track toward your goals. 

For some, beginning any new task may  feel like it’s too much, so you delay getting started. A little motivation can help create your self-care plan.

Ask yourself about what has motivated you in the past.  Use this as your motivation toward the things you want to do to take care of yourself.

A good motivator to keep you on track is to have a family member, friend, or coach hold you accountable.  If you slip up in your efforts to proactiv