Satellite TV Programming Why go Anywhere Else for Children’s Programming

For years TVs and TV programming services really didn’t undergo that much change and everything seemed to stay the same. Sure there were some changes along the way, in small steps, but major leaps in technology were few and far between.


The TV screen its self changed from black and white to color decades ago and that was the end of it. , changing from black and whit to color the only improvements that the TV underwent, were mostly cosmetic. It changed shape and size and there were things like projection TVs, but the picture its self stayed the same because the technology never really improved.

The programming on standard TV and cable did undergo some change over the years, it got worse and worse. Tragically one area that standard TV programming really took a nose dive was in the area of children’s programming.

Forty years ago children’s programming was in its zenith, with great cartoon programming that featured a multitude of cartoon characters that all seemed to have good deeds on their mind and those that didn’t were constantly getting whomped on by those that did.

Underdog was a crime fighter that always had the time to help someone that was in need. Daffy Duck and Buggs Bunny spent their days playing practical jokes on people like Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam. It seemed that every time Elmer Fudd would stick his shot gun down Buggs Bunnies hole, Buggs bunny would bend it around and aim it up out another hole, right at poor Elmer’s back side with predictable results when he pulled the trigger.


Children’s shows were hosted by great people like Hobo Kelly, Sheriff John and Captain Kangaroo. If you turn on the TV now and go to children’s programming, what you will find is computer generated cartoons that have no message and will cause a headache if they are watched too long and soap opera like programming in the evenings that is aimed at preteens that is chock full of sexual innuendo.

Cable had the run of things for decades and didn’t pioneer any major improvements in anything. They charged top dollar for everything that they did and their programming just stagnated.