Simple Steps to Hypnotize Yourself

changes that we want to happen to our lives. Well, you can always do self hypnosis techniques and start to change for the better. Here are easy-to-do steps to hypnotize yourself:

1- Get it started. Find the most comfortable spot that is free from any forms of distraction. Start the process by breathing slowly and easily. Relax yourself from head to toe. Energies are more powerful in an unperturbed body. Now, ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve at the end if this process?” Once you have decided, your subconscious will work on an issue, not just on the suggestions you will feed your system. Therefore, you also have

to make a purpose statement: “I will hypnotize myself to allow my subconscious to guide me in my purpose.” You must add your purpose into this statement. This shall run through your thinking and will be fulfilled after the hypnosis process has been done.

2- Work on the external process. You are now set in a relaxed and undistracted mode. Sustain this condition until the end of the process. Slowly look at three things in front of you, one by one, allowing a pause for each moment. You may look at a door knob, a chair or whatever you can see. Then, you go to the auditory sense using same techniques. After hearing the sounds of your environment, focus on sensations that you currently feel – the texture of your shirt, the sweat that drops down your forehead, etc.

3- Go on with the internal part. Close your eyes and slowly gain the power. If there are distractions, incorporate them in the process; do not allow yourself to get distracted. Become aware of a feeling and name it – “the air that touches my skin”, “the warmth that embraces my body”. Repeat the same procedure on auditory encounters. Expect that there is a new feeling that revives your body, which only means you have gone through the process very well. It will help you to have strong concentration and stay relaxed completely.

4- Follow Hypnotic Inductions. Now, it is time to follow hypnotic induction CDs. You can create the CD yourself if you do it professionally. If you do not have hypnotic voice, hire a hypnotist in your area to do it for you. Another option is to buy self hypnosis CDs from online stores. Personally, I would recommend buying hypnotic induction CDs from online stores instead recording them at home, as they record these CDs with the help of professional hypnotists. So, most of them have high quality.

Time of the hypnosis sessions depends on the self hypnosis induction you use for the process. For example, if you are hypnotizing yourself just for relaxation, then it will take only 20-25 minutes for the induction, but when you a