This is because technology has been increased and the complexity of the environment – 2st-century demands that every literate person must have access to the growing demand of abilities and the competencies – from reading the newspaper to participating virtual classrooms.

The philosophies and the approach of many management people in high schools and universities https://www.athlearn-hs.jp/
http://dnsanta.com/are different as some are in the view that technology should play a role in education and should be integrated within the teacher education also and others believe that there are many other courses for teachers to attend rather than technology raining.

Nearly eight teachers out of ten – 80 percent to be exact have categorically stated that they did not receive the proper training on the effective use of technology in their lessons, but they are asked to do the same. On the other side, more than 82% of the students believed to be better prepared for their future careers who are using technology with ease.

Many online survey findings are very interesting to note that the student improvement in their subjects have been improved when technology is integrated:

More than 60% of the teachers are impressed to see the use of technology in their subjects and the incorporation of students
30% of the teachers spend their free time in the high schools getting training on a particular software or the advent of technology
More than half of the teachers feel confident to induct technology in their lessons
44% of the teachers in high schools are wishing to add more tech resources ion their classrooms
30% of the teachers are afraid that their students know more about technology than they do

The management of the education departments in high schools and universities are not understanding the type of teaching and learning is required by the teacher that supports technology and they need to develop a culture that does not include technology.

Are we talking to ourselves?

The educational technology is moving very fast and it is the demand of the future education that technology needs to be integrated into the courses and for that teachers must first get to develop their skills and knowledge on which they will integrate technology. Secondly, does the management knows how to move around with technology integrated class? The standards of technology skills are difficult to incorporate without the understanding of the particular frame of technology.

Final thoughts

Many of the teachers are in the front line with the students to identify the opportunities and the challenges faced in supporting students education. But, first focusing on the teachers training on the technology revolution is important. The purpose of pinpoint the issue is to make an effort that ed